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Game Design For Social Change
手遊設計比賽 (社會議題篇)

Games Design For Social Change organised by Apps Resource Centre will be held on September 7th and 8th. In addition to the game design introduction and prototyping workshops, there will be a mobile game sharing in response to social issues. Participants have to design unique and interesting mobile games for the community, and there will be prizes for winning team!


由流動程式教學資源中心舉辦的手遊設計比賽 (社會議題篇)將於九月七日及八日一連兩日舉行。屆時除了會有遊戲設計的簡介及原型設計的工作坊外, 還會有一些回應社會議題的手機遊戲分享。參加者要針對社區需要設計獨特且有趣的手機遊戲, 勝出的隊伍更可以獲得獎品!

招募學生計劃助理 Student Project Assistants NEEDED!



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Learning App Inventor in CUHK! Coding is not so complicated as we thought. We can do it like making puzzles!

Learn to create Mobile App interface with Adobe XD @ CUHK

This workshop will cover the essential concepts on User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design during App development process. Discussion on the use of typography, spacing, color and icons creation for your App project. 

Girls Coding Day @ HKBU

“We want Females to be ready. We’re here to make sure that women, girls have access to the knowledge they need to prosper in our digital world.”

Introduction to Python Programming @ CUHK

This course introduces Python programming to non-Computer Science students – such that they could write a simple Internet program.  

Inter-U App Making Challenge @ HKBU

The challenge includes workshops for generating creative ideas and tutorials for apps design and coding.

Coding Made Easy @ HKPolyU​

With our “ MADE EASY” course, you’ll get hands-on experience working as part of a team, opening your mind to new possibilities and expressing your logic .

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