Startup Matching & Clinic

O2O Entrepreneurship Training Platform

FREE online training modules on innovation and entrepreneurship are now available on HKBU Moodle and SCE Moodle, so students can enjoy learning at their own pace anytime.

BEST1001: Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong is co-developed by Knowledge Transfer Office at HKBU and the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at UC Berkeley for HKBU students to learn entrepreneurial mindset and skills.

BEST1002: Design Thinking Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs is developed by Mr Cesar Jung-Harada, Director of MakerBay Limited, who will teach you the Design thinking as an iterative process that allows you to generate creative ideas and solutions by understanding users’ needs holistically.

BEST1003: Aha! That’s How You Network is developed by Mr Nathan Gold, Chief Coach at The Demo Coach, who will share the ‘Tips, Tricks and Techniques’ on networking. It will help anyone who has hesitation or difficulty connecting or generating a conversation with someone new. It will help alleviate the anxiety of those initial few minutes because you will be armed with tools to help in any networking situation.

BEST1005: How to Captivate Any Audience and Connect Emotionally with Your Audience will help anyone to be more effective whenever they need to communicate, present, or speak. The reason is simple: there are times that you need to pitch for resources, build your start-up, sell your product or service, lecture a class, or perhaps you are going to face an important interview for a promotion opportunity. You will learn proven techniques that level up your presentation and speaking effectiveness.


社會企業智活平台是一個為社企及非政府組織創造無限可能的地方。如果你是社會企業家,你可以聚合業內的閒置資源,釋放其生產力,並探索更多業務拓展的機會。如果你是社福同工,你可以藉此平台匯聚一眾志同道合的合作伙伴,開展有意義的社會項目。  平台不只是一個電子平台,更是一個顛覆整個社企及社會服務界生態的嶄新營運模式。平台背後的共享經濟模式,應用大數據及人工智能,藉此加強用戶間的協作、提升效能及效率,從而造福社會。

Socialpreneur Incubation Courses

Four training courses are offered every two months to enhance young people’s understanding of socialpreneurship and to equip them with knowledge and skills essential for becoming socialpreneurs.