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Social Innovation Apps Hackathon

Design an app to change the society and help people in need


Individuals or Groups competition

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HKBU students only

4 Steps

1. Define a Social issue

Choose a social issue that you considered the most and Find out what they need

2. Research and Ideation

Check out some existed social innovation apps and Start sketching on paper

3. Design an app

Make a prototype with at least 4 screens (It could be a game or useful tool)
Finish your draft by drawing/ online design/ Photoshop/ PowerPoint/ video

4. Upload your design

Upload your design to the submission form below.

Upload Requirements

Short description of your design

Describe your ideas and what it is for

Design 4 screens

Make at least 4 screenshots of your apps (See design format)

Design Format (Choose One)

Short video clip

Paper Prototype

Online Prototype resources

PowerPoint Slides


Social Innovation Apps

Education Apps Database





Judging Criteria

Game Design

Game mechanics, Aesthetics, Is it fun?


Is it interactive? Is it fluent? Is the visual design well-thought-out?

Effectiveness of responding social issues

Can it identify social problems? Can it respond to social needs?



Any one of the following gift cards (Total $200)



Start-up support

Winning designs will be fully supported to

  • Join social entrepernership challenge

  • Join start-up comeptitions

  • Write funding proposals

*In case of any dispute, Apps Resource Centre reserves the right of final decision.



How many designs can win prizes?

Answer 1

Top 10 designs will win prizes!

Question 2

Can I participate in Hackathon with teammates?

Answer 2

Sure you can! However we would only distribute one gift card per design.

For more enquiries, please feel free to contact Mr. William KWOK.

TEL: 3411 7711

EMAIL: kalimkwok@hkbu.edu.hk

Submission has ended! Please wait for the second round!