Students' Work

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handy logo

Designer: Miss Chan Luanne Wing

Apps discription:

HANDY, allows the phone camera to detect people gesture, recognise the meaning of sign language, translate it into words and sounds immediately. Actually, Sign languages are languages that use the visual-manual modality to convey meaning. HANDY provide a database that recognise all the meaning of sign language.

歡迎・牠 Animals Adoption

animals adoption

Designer: Miss Ng Yee Lam, Alma

Apps discription:

A lot of pets are abandoned in Hong Kong, they really need a new and warm home. This app is a communication bridge of pet owners and who want to adopt the pet. If you want to adopt, just take action! Your decision can change their life.


elderly app

Designer: Miss Chan Wing Ki

Apps discription:

It is hard for us to know clearly about the health situation of the elderly because of working or not residing in the same house. Therefore, this app is designed for solving this problem by providing the following features.

(1) Reminders
(2)Pill Identifier
(3)Family interaction


Designer: Miss JIMEE Flowera and Miss GURUNG Sabita

Apps discription:

EcoPro is a platform to promote eco-friendly exercises and sustainable practices in one’s lifestyle. It provides access to a hub of resources through which people can discover local green businesses and opportunities such as environment-related volunteering, workshops and more. People can also measure their carbon footprint and get valuable insights on how to decrease carbon usage in their daily lives. 



Designer: Miss Lam Yue Hei

Apps discription:

It is difficult to find a toilet nearby, especially a clean toilet. It fastens the spread of virus, which is a health issue in Hong Kong.
With GoWC, people can find, search features, post feeds, comment, exchange information and rate about the toilets.


Designer: Mr Wong Tin Yau David, Mr Kwok Man Chun and Mr Chau Man Hui

Apps discription:

iRe means Intelligent Recycle System, which contains image Recognition and GPS guide. The objective of this app is to help use to recycle items and live environmental-friendly.