Visually Impaired Apps Design Hackathon VI 無障礙流動程式設計比賽

Design a visually barrier-free Apps


Welcome Individuals or Groups


Undergraduate students only

5 Steps

1. Define social needs

Find out VI people’s difficulties and needs

2. Research and Ideation

Go through the guidelines of a barrier-free app

3. Design an app

Make a prototype with at least 4 screens (It could be a game or a useful tool)
Finish your draft by using drawing/ online tools/ Photoshop/ PowerPoint/ video

4. Test your design

Make sure your design fits for the accessibility guidelines and pass the color contrast and screen reading test

5. Upload your design

Upload your design to the submission form

Upload Requirements

Short description of your design

Describe your ideas and what it is for

Design 4 screens

Make at least 4 screenshots of your apps (See design format)

Design Format (Choose One)

Short video clip

Paper Prototype

Online Prototype resources

PowerPoint Slides

References and Resources


WebAIM (Contrast Checker)


Mobile Application Accessibility Handbook

Material Design



Social Innovation Apps

Education Apps Database

Design Testing




Android (Talkback)

Judging Criteria

Visual Design

UI design and graphic design, for example, color contrast, spacing, etc.


Is it interactive? Is it fluent?


Can it identify social problems? Can it respond to target needs? Is it useful for our target groups? (Barrier-free)


Hong Kong Blind Union

HKBU Office of Student Affairs

Education For Good

Apps Resource Centre



1st Prize – HKD$1,500 (Apple/Google cash coupons)

2nd Prize – HKD$1,000 (Apple/Google cash coupons)

3rd Prize – HKD$500 (Apple/Google cash coupons)

The prizes will be distributed in the following form


Event follow up support

    • UI testing workshop (1-day)

    • Sponsorship of further apps development

    • Apps making and design tutorials (one-on-one)

*In case of any dispute, Apps Resource Centre reserves the right of final decision.

Start-up support

beautiful young hipster woman's hands busy working on her laptop sitting at wooden table in a coffee shop

Winning designs will be fully supported to

    • Outreach and networking

    • Join social entrepreneurship challenge (By Yuen)

    • Join start-up competitions

*In case of any dispute, Apps Resource Centre reserves the right of final decision.


The submission has been closed. Thanks for your participation.



Can I join this event with no coding background?

Answer 1

Students from any discipline are welcome!

Question 2

Can I participate in Hackathon with teammates?

Answer 2

Sure you can! However, there will be one prize per design.

Question 3

Can I also use it as a final year project?

Answer 3

Of course! We will guide you through this important work.

Question 4

Can I use English to design the app?

Answer 4

Sure! English and Chinese are also accepted in this Hackathon.

For more enquiries, please feel free to contact Mr. William KWOK.

TEL: 3411 7711