Terms of Play

  • If you are just getting started in game design, then you probably have heard of the different terms thrown around and wondered what they mean. In game design, there are many components to take into consideration such as genre, platform, UI, UX etc. With each component comes new vocabulary and a wide range of acronyms and terms frequently used in the game world. This “Terms of Play” glossary is specifically aimed at supporting game design learning in higher education by providing a comprehensive, editable and expandable glossary of commonly used terminologies. The app provides an A-Z index of glossary terms for your gaming needs with an easy to use style sheet based output and automatically rendered index. With this, you can make a glossary of terms that is completely your own!
  • This app will help you to Familiarize yourself with game terminology, create your own personalized glossary so that your glossary becomes more robust over time.
  • Clarify any confusion over specific terms and enable you to quickly enter new terms and also add customized tags to each term.