English Dialects

  • Do you pronounce the /r/ in ‘arm’? Do you call a shelf a ‘sheuf’? And what on earth is a ‘hoddy-doddy’? There is extensive variation in English dialects: this is why your answers to such questions will allow this app to localize your broader dialect region on a map of England. Did your home dialect change over time? Our algorithm is based on historical data from the Survey of English Dialects. If it guesses where you are from correctly, your home dialect has probably remained stable over the past decades. If the guess is far off, however, it is probably because of dialect change.
  • Can we localize your dialect based on your pronunciation of 26 words?
  • Record your dialect and listen to recordings of other users and to historical dialect recordings!
  • Choose a pronunciation variant, e.g. ‘sheuf’, and discover where in
  • England it is used…or choose a place and explore its dialect!