Provider: Pokeguide Limited

  • Key Features:
    – Searches all forms of transportation for day and night travel, including from train, bus, minibus to free shuttle buses
    – Provides the most ideal carriage and door for you to board the train (nearest to the escalator)
    – Calculates the subway exit that is nearest to your destination
    – Functions both online and offline for subway routes
    – Most straightforward wayfinding by AR Navigation as no map reading is required
  • 主要功能:
    – 包含所有交通轉乘資訊
    – 搜尋白天及通宵交通
    – 最快地鐵車廂車門位置
    – 計算目的地附近鐵路出口
    – 無需上網也能用鐵路攻略
    – 超簡易方便AR相機導航